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Posted by Touchoffaces on Oct 26,2016

Your makeup products are only as good as the tools you use to apply them. You can transform a common everyday drugstore foundation into a professional looking airbrushed finish. Take a gooey lip product and use it to sculpt and define your lips, versus applying it with a finger. Brushes reduce your risk of breakouts as long as you keep them clean. They also reduce the risk of wasting your products because they only pick up a little at a time. The following lists offer the best brushes on the market.

Buying your makeup brushes in a set not only saves you money, but equips you with everything you need. This makes applying makeup easier and more enjoyable, with professional-looking results. The ideal set should include application and blending brushes for the eyes and face. Some can perform more than one task; for example, lip and liner brushes can usually be used interchangeably. These brushes are soft and gentle on the skin, while giving you results that will exceed your expectations.

This is truly the ultimate makeup brush set -- with 36 different face, lip and eye brushes, it has everything you could possibly need! Made from a mix of synthetic and natural bristles, they let you line, blend and shade to create the perfect look. They come in a travel-friendly faux-leather case with a silver-toned clasp.


Posted by Touchoffaces on Oct 26,2016

Theres nothing like a powder blush for ease of application. A sweep of your brush and your cheeks come alive with color. Powders offer an extensive variety of colors and many have a bit of a shimmer to them to accentuate your glow. Some even do double-duty as eye shadows, contour or highlight. Available everywhere from drugstores to high-end boutiques, powder blushes are a staple in any cosmetic bag. These five are the best options because they offer a range of color options at a variety of price points and consistently receive positive customer reviews.

With so many options to choose from, anyone can find the perfect color for them. The blushes are perfect for both warm and cool-toned complexions. Girls who like shimmer can find several options, as can those who prefer a matte finish to their cheeks. And although the colors may look intense in the package, it is easy to apply them in a way that gives a natural flush. They are long-lasting and never look chalky.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour blush comes in 18 colors, from matte-finish Heather Pink, to Orange Blossom, a high-shimmer apricot. All give you a lit-from-within flush. Blendable and never cakey, the finely-milled powder diffuses light for a flattering glow that stays true from dusk to dawn. As a bonus, these blushes can be taken out of their compacts and placed in Laura Merciers cusomizable pallettes. And a little goes a long way, so youll be able to use these blushes for months at a time.

This highly pigmented baked blush can be used wet or dry, giving you twice the color options. Its consistency is creamier than typical powders for easy blendability. Because the colors are created from a combination of complementary shades, each gives a believable, natural glow. And because they are so affordable, you can purchase more than one to match the season or your mood, or to mix to create your own personal shade. Each compact holds a generous amount of powder, so they last a long time.

If you like to experiment with your look, this award-winning blush offers 18 colors to choose from. Because it is very affordable, you can pick up several to create your own unique shade. With a range of colors, from naturals to pinks, plums to peaches, Cheekers has an option for any skin tone. The sheer colors are so easy to apply and to blend, youll easily achieve the perfect glow for you. The natural-looking flush lasts all day. If youre on the go, the small compact size is perfect for a pocket or purse. This is definitely a must-have for your makeup bag!