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How to Place Ads     

Placing an advert with Okitter is very easy. Here are the steps you need to know to place your Ads.

a) Register an account and Login
b) Click on "Post ads
c) Proceed to Checkout
d) Enter a payment Address
e) Choose a payment Method
f ) Make a payment and Submit your advert
g) Check your advert and Complete Ads. 

Register an account and Sign in                            


Click 'Login’ on the top of front page to begin registration.

Complete the registration form as guided.
With registration information submitted, Okitter will send an email to your registered email box.
Activate your account with active URL provided in your email.
After you complete and submit the registration form and activate your account, the registration is successfully completed.
Registration finished.
You can then log in again with your username and password. 

Click on Post an ad

If you want to Post an advert on Okitter,

Click the “Post an Ad” button on the Home page.
If you want to post a sponsored, click on the Sponsored button.
To create Banners, also click on Post Banners button
To Create Features Jobs, click Create New Jobs button.
To post your stories, click on Post Reviews button
Complete the required details correctly. 


Proceed to checkout. 

When you have completed the first page of the form

Select any of the optional Ads to feature your Ads.
For Example
Featured makes your Ad display always on top of related categories when users are searching for products.
Premium Ads. Displays on Front page and allow easy visibility.
Spotlight is same as premium butt specific Ads.
Urgent makes users know you want sell fast
Proceed to Checkout. 




Make a payment and Submit your advert

You can choose whichever method suits you best when you place an advert.

We use secure payment system such as PayPal,
Login into your account with them if you already have one or choose create new account.
You can pay with your local cash card and equivalent will be collect from your account.
Select your country when making payment
Make payment and submit your advert after completing the form. 


Types of Banners

1.Header banner 

Subscribing for Okitter header banner gives your business a high chance of more sales.

You can create your banner or we can do that for small extra fee. Simply use the contact us form to let us have the information.

If you are familiar with google AdSense ads you can use it here but be sure to select http://okitter.com  as your specific target. Contact us if you need assistance.




2.Right Banner

Okitter right banner lets people know you want to sell or transact quickly.





3.Footer Banner


 That's it.